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Covid-19 and the Vaccines. Legal Protection for the Pharmaceuticals ; The Prep Act of 2005

God bless vaccines. They and their creators have done wonders for humanity. However, Washington may have ruined it for us all.  The Prep Act of 2005, The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, may have removed proper incentives for pharmaceutical companies to do the right thing for patients.  The Prep Act, once invoked by the Secretary of HHS,  protects pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders from legal liability. Now, if you want to sue a pharmaceutical company you will be taking on the HHS and the Department of Justice and all their respective resources. Consider that the very same source that provides you safety information on vaccines is now also protecting the pharmaceutical companies. These are perverse incentives and a situation that only good positive news will be released by the very same party that is supposed to keep all of us well and accurately informed, HHS.  Read more HERE:Prep Act Immunity and Covid19 NLR 08.05.2020