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Trump Administration to Dismantle SHOP Exchange

Frankly the ACA Small Business Health Options Program, SHOP Exchange, never really took off.  The Obama Administration had big plans for small and larger employers to eventually purchase their employer-sponsored plans through these ACA exchanges. However, it was a bit more “complicated” than the original designers ever thought.  Getting subsidies for these smaller business was too often out of reach and unattainable pursuant to the IRS qualifying rules.

The Trump administration said Monday that it will dismantle part of the Affordable Care Act that created online insurance marketplaces for small businesses and tried in vain foster a greater choice of health plans for their workers.

In starting with the Small Business Health Options Program, or SHOP, the administration is targeting an aspect of the ACA that has been troubled from the outset and never lived up to its proponents’ expectations. As of early this year, federal figures show, nearly 230,000 people were covered through SHOP health plans — a fraction of the 4 million that congressional budget analysts had predicted as the small-business marketplaces began in 2014.

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