Cosby Insurance Group of Warrenton, Virginia specializes in employer-based group health insurance plans. They are highly educated experts on the Affordable Care Act. They have a great deal of experience working with tech start-ups, defense contractors, and other medium-size businesses. Cosby Insurance Group serves the entire northern Virginia area. This includes the counties of Fauquier, Prince William, Fairfax, Loudoun, Arlington, Alexandria, and Fredericksburg. They pride themselves on offering unparalleled customer service with a personal touch. By providing you with a variety of options, they enable you to make the best choices for your unique business situation.

Cosby Insurance Group (CIG) uses Health Savings Accounts (HSA) in conjunction with other tools like High Deductible Health Plans to help you balance cost and realistic risk efficiently. This results in quality coverage and controlled expense, all customized to your specific needs. CIG works most effectively with organizations with 25 – 100 employees. They are constantly updating their own knowledge base, and frequently write and consult on the impact, requirements, and effects of the Affordable Care Act, as well as other legislation and policies that are associated with the insurance industry.

Steven Cosby provides relationship-based insurance services. He wants you to rely on Cosby Insurance Group long-term, so he will always look out for your best interests. As your company grows and changes, so will your insurance needs. He is there to make sure that you always have the right coverage for your needs. He is there to answer your questions, and work through your insurance-related challenges. He has unsurpassed expertise in the industry, and will put his knowledge to work for you.

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