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Individual Health Insurance

Individual / Family Health Insurance

Do you need medical insurance for you and/or your family here in Virginia and through the United States? For individual health insurance options, click on the Anthem logo:

Expatriate Insurance

If you are traveling or working overseas and need Expatriate medical coverage click on the GEOBlue banner below to immediately start you quote and apply today:

Roughly 30 million Americans are currently uninsured. The uninsured too often suffer from financial ruin resulting from unexpected illnesses or accidents that lead to unaffordable medical expenses.  Hospitals and other medical providers use professional debt collection agencies that demand payment.  The result of being uninsured could be the loss of your home and assets, and in many cases bankruptcy.

Having proper individual medical insurance can help you avoid these pitfalls, and is part of a comprehensive financial plan. In addition, many of the health plans we offer will assist you and your family to maintain your health through preventive care programs.

Effective 2014 all U.S. Citizens and legal residents are mandated to have minimum essential coverage, MEC. Purchasing MEC on your own is one way to satisfy this federal mandate.  Cosby Insurance Group offers consulting services to those seeking guidance on their individual health insurance choices and small owner-only groups with no employees: $1350 initial administrative fee;  $295/hour for additional time.