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Employer Sponsored Health Benefits

Employer Health Insurance

Employers are the principal source of health insurance in the United States, providing health benefits for more than 155 million people in America1.

Workers look to their employers to provide them and their family members quality healthcare coverage. More than ever, a healthcare plan is a tool to recruit and retain excellent workers. In the past, health insurance was intended to protect against the unforeseen and unaffordable.

Today, employer-sponsored plans provide everyday healthcare needs for their employees and families. The challenge facing many companies is how to provide these plans and remain competitive.

Currently, employers are searching for that balance of cost and benefits. At Cosby Insurance Group, we are the experts that can help you find solutions to these challenges, bringing into balance the correct combination of cost sharing and cost containment.

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Group Dental, Life, and Disability

Good dental care is part of a complete health care program. A dental benefit plan is an appreciated employee benefit, and like health insurance, workers are looking towards their employer to provide them and their family members this affordable coverage.

Guaranteed issue life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance is a popular benefit with employer sponsored health benefits plans; often because of its guaranteed issue feature and the fact that it has remained very affordable.

Disabilities affect one-fifth of Americans (approximately 49.7 million)1, approximately 2,329 disabling injuries occur every hour during the year 2 , and a disabling injury occurs every eight seconds at work.2  Many employers can provide guaranteed issue disability insurance to their employees.

Cosby Insurance Group has the expertise and relationships with several reliable dental, life, and disability insurance carriers that can provide you many quality and affordable coverage options.

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