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Public Option Is Alive And Well Within The Exchange

March 4, 2010
There is really too much media coverage regarding health care reform for the average person to begin to comprehend the magnitude and scope of the proposed legislation from both the House and Senate. Therefore it is vitally important for the concerned reader to receive creditable information from experts experienced in the financing, delivering, and providing of medical care. Within this blog I will attempt to provide the reader with a series of creditable third party sources.
One such source is from a panel discussion sponsored by the Heritage Foundation. Primarily the panel experts attempted to alert their audience that the proposed and feared public option found in the House’s bill (H.R. 3200) on health care reform is alive and well within the Senate’s bill (H.R. 3590) but disguised as an insurance exchange administered by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The panel outlines the concerns all should have regarding such a proposed scheme.
“The Office of Personnel Management: A Power Player in America’s Health Insurance Markets?”
By The Heritage Foundation

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I am interested to know what is your approach is to  health care? More specifically, a discussion or declaration to the core problem with  health care as opposed to simply describing the symptoms of the problem. For example: cost and access are often discussed but I find these to be symptoms of a much larger problem and not the problem itself. Discussing only symptoms seems to be like treading water indefinitely.

What do your experts say? If you are currently working in  our health care, what are you doing to ameliorate the problem?

Healthy Americans Act,  is yet another example of an unworkable and unaffordable solutions. Not even putting lipstick on a pig! Injecting 47 million new customers with unlimited purchasing power into our existing system will only enable current medical providers with assurance that they will be paid. The bill if enacted into law will turn existing modest health care spenders (the uninsured) into well accomplished spenders even voracious health care spenders and compensate(not reimburse) health care providers for this care. We will end up to another problem: a huge system (The PIG) that we cannot afford to feed. We need to focus on stop selling (or buying) so much health care per capita while getting back so little. Build solutions around reducing health care spending, increasing productivity, and reducing waste; and you are on your way to fixing this problem.

But what are your thoughts and feelings around the issue?